Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top ten Glitches that have changed my life pt.3 Runner up

Within the next few weeks I am going to do a reoccurring post that will follow the top ten glitches that I have experienced in my life. These will be my own personal accounts of glitches so you may see some that happened to you and you may see some that did not. Along with talking about the glitches themselves I will be talking about how they effected my life as well, be it virtual or real life. The term glitch will also be used liberally to mean anything that breaks, distorts, borks, cheats (not codes), or does something in the game that is unusual or unintended. I would love to hear what anyone thinks everything so let me know in the comments.

"B-but my followers will hate me!" I said in protest.
"No they will not, just chill out for once" Said my brain
"But this does nothing for the list!"
"You are completing the list in a more absolute fashion." Responded the brain.
"FINE, I will do it myself. Hands open a web browser!" Brain commanded
"Already done" Reported my hands.
"Internet!?" Came an excited voice from my crotch
"Down boy! It is blog time now! Fingers take this down!"
"Sir yes sir"  Hands shouted.

Grand Theft Auto 3
The runner ups

And that is how this latest blog post came about. My body rebelling against me and typing out the runner up glitches to the last post. This list is still kind of blurry in my head, you can probably tell that I do not have every thing written down yet. I am actually only to about seven or so glitches that really changed me so far. Its been more of a learnrning experience than anything, a bit of fun nostalgia-ing though. Anyway GTA had many many glitches in it and so it was hard to choose just one that really effected me. I did ,however I had two others that simply would not die down in my head and so I thought I would talk about them. These do not count toward the top ten, hence "runner-up," but are part of the list all the same.

If only the first garage was this loose-er...big...
If you read my last post you will remember that I had to delete my save file because I had summoned way to many tanks into the world. There was another reason for my decision to delete the file as well. You know how when you try and put a large dangerous object into a box that might be a little to small, and then you cant seem to get in out of the box no matter how many times you shoot the cannon? That is what happened between my garage and a tank I wanted to save for some reason. Looking back I have no idea why I wanted to place a tank in the first available garage anyway, it is not like I could not create another. The end result was a tank garage coitus that could not be undone and would never end. I tried, I fired round after round into the garages sultry walls but to no avail, she would not release my hot iron tank.

What did you learn?

I learned that square block goes in square hole and circle block goes in circle hole. And tank block never goes in garage hole and if you have to shove it in it probably does not belong. Aside from all that I learned to never save your game when cheating.

Grand theft sprinter

He never saw that dragon coming.
This glitch is pretty brief as most everyone knew about it. If you tapped the run button continually you would never run out of stamina and you could run everywhere. Some could argue that this was intended for this game but I do not think that it was. Considering that in the next few games they released they used a variation of this to keep you from running like a marathon sprinter on cocaine. And that change is really the whole reason I bring up this glitch. They (the developers) saw what had happened with this glitch and then integrated it into the games properly and they were slightly improved by this.

What did you learn?
I learned that great ideas will sometimes come from something that was never supposed to work in the first place. This rule applies a lot to my gaming life (LBP2) and to my love life as well.

Well that wraps up the "runners-ups" For glitch number three. This may happen for a few more games on the list as well. I do not want it to become "Top ten glitches that changed my life... Fallout edition" and so any game with multiple life changing glitches will have runner up sections rather than another number on the list. Let me know what you think in the comments and do not be afraid to share your own experiences or suggestions for the list.


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  1. Congrats on 100!
    And thanks for sharing, this made me laugh a little :)

  2. Your internal monologue is hilarious. Congratulations on 100 followers!

  3. I think we can learn a lot from these games. If I ever find myself in a tank, I will not seek refuge in a garage. There once was this movie with James Garner (IIRC) in which he drove amok in a tank, I was looking forward to doing that myself later in life ...

  4. The firs glitch would make me mad!
    Also, congrats on the first 100! :)