Monday, February 7, 2011

Pictues... because filler.

I have been feeling quite uninspired recently. Basically my real job and LBP2 are sucking all the creativity and energy right out of my skull. So for right now I am going to share some gaming centric backgrounds that I have been scrounging up for just such an occasion. I hope you like them as I might take a quick siesta from el blogo. I do not imagine I will be gone for much longer than a week but do not expect any updates until then.

Charizard will never listen to you, not enough badges.

This will be my basement someday.


OK so maybe this is not a game... but damn!

Not technically for game you say? Shut up I say.

If these costumes were available I would buy them instantly.

Awwwww yeahhhhhh...
So yeah... I will be back soon...ish...


  1. Have a good break. Awesome pics by the way

  2. I'd like to (and stop me if you have heard this) sit down and have a chat about your use of the word "soon."

  3. cool pics bro, have a good break

  4. That last picture is kinda hot... go DUKE!