Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just some thoughts.

Ever notice how sometimes you get so caught up in a game that you forget about real life. Its almost as if you become your character and your real body no longer exists. No longer are you clicking buttons or tapping your mouse, but you are Razlo leader of the people. I have seen this happen to myself and many other over and over again and I just was thinking about why it happens. Maybe some people do it for excitement, some others may do its for entertainment, a few even do it for obligation. There are so many games out there today that you could play for any number of reasons. Whether  you do its for brain excersie or for for brain relaxation there is a game out there to fit the bill. They have become such a part of a normal persons life that it is hard to think about a world without the satisfaction they offer.

Especially when you bring the iPod and its networking of games in, and the NGP with its ideas on revolutionizing portable games to make them part of your real life. How long before I get achievements for walking a certain distance in a day? How long before we have guilds in COD meeting up in real life, for better or worse? And how long until the line between fantasy and reality blur because games become something more than just games. They become something altogether different, something we have not even thought of yet. Could be amazing, or it could turn into farm-ville life edition. .

So this was kind of a short meaningless post but I would love to hear "why you game" somehwere in the comments. Promise I will be back to normal blog posts in a while.



  1. who doesn't love games? hours of entertainment.

  2. It's fascinating how much you can lose yourself in games. I still enter Wario while I'm hurtling shells at Peach and calling her a stupid bitch, also weed + Dynasty Warriors = Ancient Chinese War brought to life

  3. I love that feeling too. I wish I can experience it again. But with college makes it impossible atm.

  4. I get this feeling, especially in RPGs. I game because it's a fun escape from reality. And I like to blow stuff up.