Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little big hell yes!

 We interrupt your regularly scheduled Top Ten Glitches That Changed My Life to bring you Little Big Planet 2. Why have you interrupted my list of nostalgia you may ask. Why are you talking about a game that just came out when you can not afford ramen you might also ask. Where are my pants might even be a question stated. All of those questions will be answered if you just keep reading.

Flying Penis monsters!
Ever since Little Big Planet 1 came out there were high expectations. I like to think that the first game met most of those expectations. But Sackboy (the games lovable...thing) had much more to live up to this time around. How could you possibly beat the first games ambition, it charm, its size. Well it turns out that Media Molecule found out how to make number two better than number one through a rare material called "awesome-ite." Its made out of concentrated hard work and just a touch of brilliance. 

To use the word epic when describing this game would be a huge understatement. The grapics have had a huge overhaul. The gameplay has taken an astounding leap in fun and complexity. The music is more varied and just plain better. And all the mechanics have been tweaked to make jumps more reliable (still floaty) and other parts of the game less glitcy over all. Media Molecule took their time making this game more amazing in every aspect and it shows.

All that and she still can't make me a sammach...
The story follows Sackboy as he teams up with "the Alliance" to defeat the negativitron in an all out battle of who cares. While the story is funny and fun at the same time, the reason everyone bought LBP2 was for the create mode and the three million levels already created by other players. This is where the game really shines and it is the reason I have been ignoring my wife and child. Some of the things that people created so far are truly awe inspiring. It has been quite some time since I went "OOOOHHHHH" at a game but this one made me do it about every five minutes. Not all the levels are gems, in fact the ratio is about 20 to 1 but if you do the math that comes out to about... one metric butt load of amazing user created levels.

The biggest part of LBP2 is "Create Mode" where you can go in with all the tools that the develops had and make your own levels. This time however they have given you the ability to link other levels together to create entire games. That is just one of the hundreds of changes that Create Mode has undergone. Sack Bots, Movers, Circuit boards, Logic switches, Elderflower the cow, and a huge list of other things that truly blew my mind. It is almost overwhelming when you first step into the tutorials but it is necessary to learn the behavior of the beast before you can ride it. This is where my one and only gripe with LBP2 come into play, the manual explains NOTHING of the tools you are given and there is not enough incentive to go through all the tutorials to learn more. This leads to people doing the six tutorials that they want to do and then creating a level full of bouncepads and failure. So my only gripe is that the manual was an actual manual and not a pamphlet.

We do not forgive, but we will forget if you don't program us
The last point I have is about one new addition to the game, Sackbots. Though at first they seem like any other item that just does a few things they quickly become a creators best friend. It is almost like creating a puppet to be a puppet master as they can do, virtually, anything Sackboy can. Making them act out these intricate things may take some time and shatter your brain more than once it all becomes worth it once the circuit board is complete. I fully expect someone to create a Bot that mimics the best AI in the gaming industry, if not the world. All hail the new Botty overlords!

Stylized and amazing
Some of the best in the industry
More than you can shake a controller at
You will NEVER truly be done with this game
Overall rating:
I gave up food to buy this game, you should as well.


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  1. I am making an accusation against your sexuality.

    Just kidding. I do like your rating system. It's very refreshing.
    And it's a pretty awesome game.

    Following for moar

  2. it really seems interesting. i might try it

  3. "Where are my pants might even be a question stated." :D

    Also, this was a great read!

  4. WILL STARVE TEW PLAY. Omg, I love your blog haha it's bangin'.

  5. It looks pretty fun, just not my thing I guess I like watching my friends play it and rage quit though lol

  6. Epic rating system i must say :D


  7. i look forward to more ratings, even though i don't have a pstriple.

  8. That's one hell of an overall rating. I might even like it better than mine. haha

  9. I had this preordered but cancelled it a few weeks ago, kinda regreting it now!

  10. I loved the first one, and am about to get the second one

  11. gutted i've got an xbox, this game looks awesome.

  12. best game for the ps3 this far. following and supporting.