Monday, November 1, 2010

Ten Good Reasons to Go Somewhere Else.

The Battle for Mor-Sleep
Using my +4 grapes and my Emercen-C potions I was once again able to triumph over the tyrannical cold that so afflicted my body. The battle was short but fierce, the deadly virus thought it could suffocate me with my own mucus but little did it know I could breath with my mouth! Much water was lost in the epic battle and the colds pal “De-hydra-tion” is still around but he will soon fall to my mighty glass of purified water. Sadly in all the confusion I was unable to keep the virus from attacking my dear wife and now she fights the good fight against our common enemy, however our foe has turned her, changing her into an evil beast that blames me for the sicknesses existence. Rather than argue the facts with this new threat I chose “Run away” and then came here to tell you all about it... Diary, do you think I will ever not be a huge dork?

With my sickness behind me and my computer in front of me I decided to finally sink my teeth into Minecraft, not the online version, and try to see what everyone is talking about. It is about four hours into it and I have to say that I am just not feeling it. Let me elaborate before you all seek pitchforks and torches to kill me with. I like Minecraft, it fun, its happy, it chugs like a fat fuck at Oktoberfest. I told my self that once I started playing Minecraft that I would build “The most amazing castle, that also looked like a penis, ever” and I still plan to do this once I an get around Microsoft kicking the fun right out of my balls. This is the real meat of this topic, not Minecraft, it is Microsoft and their shitty excuse for an OS. As you can probably tell I am using Vista and even though this is an old topic my nerd rage commands that I yell at them from my obscure corner of the blog-o-sphere. Fuck Micro-fucking-soft in their money-fucking-grubbing shit-fucking-stained ass-fucking-holes. What does this have to do with gaming you ask? Well I could go into detail about the connections but I am pretty sure you can figure it out with this mathematical formula. Microsoft's shitty programs+ Games for windows= A fucking nerd-pocalypse where shit storms become an IRL occurrence. It is going to be awful, so brace for impact.

Paint Skillz Yo!
I heard Vanquish was good so I went to try it out...
I went to go change my pants but they had been vaporized.

Music Mon Somedays
They say music heals the soul or some shit like that so here is some decent shit.
Closing Arguments
Well that about wraps up this set of rants and other things. If anyone remembers I was talking about a podcast that I wanted to make. Well it is actually happening and its all about the things we have all learned inside the blog world and all the “friends” we have made along the way. So along with the sickness I have been trying to edit it. Frosty and Rats both have links to stuff concerning it on their page. I will be the host so if you do not like anything you can send your hate mail to or is you want to reach me directly you can send an e-mail to and you can find me all over the web as Snickelsox so send me a friend request or threaten to cut off my toes, I do not care.



  1. Binary Finary is good shit. Your blog keeps me entertained.

  2. You have a podcast? WTF! Upload it man!

  3. wow alright , i like this lol...

  4. I need some of those +4 grapes, I've had this damn cough for a month now. The trace tune is awesome, looking forward to more of your Music 'Somdays' haha.

  5. Looking good dude. You got this thing just a pumpin'! Blogwave's host with the most!

  6. sweet post man, you got a new follower!

  7. The MS paint for vanquish... lol

  8. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

  9. Yeah, I don't get Minecraft either. Just can't get into it. Maybe online is better; maybe.

  10. Vanquish looks like it could possibly be really sweet. Or really lame. 1 of the 2