Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eleven days late

 More Excuses
So being the host of a brand new podcast I have certain obligations and responsibilities. One of those being that I have to announce the podcast and should probably do it first, as you can see I dropped the ball on that one. Anyway the podcast is my new excuse for not putting out enough post to keep “the masses” happy. So click on this, and then click on some more things in there and then before you get all Internet crazy on me, I know... we are working on getting an RSS and getting on to iTunes but free hosting and all that nonsense is not always easy to find when you have an agenda. And by agenda I mean standards, and by that I mean “Why are you still reading this, the link is up there?!”

So for my wife's birthday she wanted the most boring game in the world... The Sims 3. I am glad that she has a brand spanken new game to enjoy but holy balls in a toaster is that game slow. I have been watching her play it some and I really do like nearly everything about it, the systems all work, there is a million things to do with your Sim, and the screams they make when they are burning alive are quite satisfying. But still this game's speed somehow pushes me away, I have a feeling that once I drown my first Sim and then make his ghost fall in love with his niece and they have a Sim ghost baby then the game will pretty much be over for me. Maybe the game is just over my head... or maybe I'm too MAN for this game and want there to be more chainsaws and electricity that is on fire! My life is too hard as it is, I do not need to run another six of them.

Some Bargain Win
So speaking of violence and all the blood soaked awesomeness that entails, I happened across a game called Darksiders sitting in the bargain bin. I knew that this game had gotten decent reviews and decided that for twenty bucks that I had nothing to lose. In fact I was correct, more than that I was blown away at how much I gained. Within first half hour I started the apocalypse, turned into a fiery sword -wielding dragon beast, and made a horde of demons into a horde of my bitch. The sheer amount of testosterone that leeches out of this game has made me go bald and changed my dick into a monster that controls time itself. This game has very little wrong with it, mainly the frame rate skips a beat every so often and the cut scenes come way too abruptly, but those are really my only complaints and when the game is in the bargain bin I can over look such small errors. Several people have likened it to a Zelda game and they are all correct in the sense that it is a dungeon game with lots of puzzles, but wrong in the sense that War is not a Cockgoblin and would eat Link for breakfast. All in all this game is amazing and well worth the money.

Totally Game Music
So you want some cool music do you... well you are totally in the wrong fucking place because all I have here is some game music, so stick that in your ear and hear it!

Maybe I am just a sucker for Kingdom Hearts but that is a cool remix of that song. Also please excuse the mess that is this videos borders... Curse you Youtube...

You Can Stop Now
Wrapping up I am sorry to tell you that there will be not paint pictures this round because I am strapped for time as it is. We are currently working day and night to bring this podcast to you in a more accessible manner. If you have any questions about the podcast or want to tell me that my opinions about games are invalid and I deserve to be put on a pike for my injustices then send all that to Snickelsox@gmail.com or alternatively you can ask Rats or Frosty anything and since they seem to update more I suggest you just go to them anyway. As always you can find me all over the web as Snickelsox so send me a PS friend request you bitches... I am so lonely...


P.S. If I had some art skill I would have drawn the Sims into Darksiders apocalypse but I have none so... at least it was a funny thought.


  1. I do love the music in Kingdom Hearts, but I can't really think of a SquareEnix game that has bad music.

  2. Seriously, Sims3? That game is a total girl magnet. I have not known one guy to play that game for longer than a day. Yet girls go apeshit, my gf included. I'm loading up the podcast now, excited to hear it!

  3. wow i havent played KH since the first one , i played the second one for like a few hours like 3 or so...okay maybe an hour O.o; , but how many games did i miss lol , this game looks way different , i wanna play it lol

  4. "...screams they make when they are burning alive are quite satisfying..."

    Well, you just sold me on that game.