Saturday, November 13, 2010

List o mistakes

OK so in an attempt to contribute more to the Podcast we are currently running I posted something. It screwed up something with iTunes and we will work on fixing it but for now EP.2 is NOT out and the second file is probably just a repeat of the first. Sorry about that and for you reading pleasure I bring you the blog that fucked it all up...

Well hello there, glad to see you could make it. Before you get all upset let me tell you what is happening. A few guys from the internet decided that it would be cool to make a blog, then they decided it would be a good idea to talk about blogs with other people, then they realized they had no friends and went on Skype to make some. This was the end result.

So now that you know the back story you should also know the front story. Episode 2 is "on it way" which means it is sitting on my computer waiting to be processed. Things are taking a bit to happen because we all do have lives outside of this project. So please be patient and keep your hate in its proper hate bombs and not hurling into Blogwavatopia(TM). To hold you over we spent some time making things easier on you and through my constant nagging and whipping I was able to take credit for something Rats and Frosty did by putting the link to iTunes in here first. Give us a good score or I will come to your house, break in the door, and sob quietly in the corner.

Last on the list is ME, because Snickelsox is a self important bastard who speaks in the third person. You may have noticed that I have not been around a whole lot in the blog-o-sphere and especially so when it concerns our podcast and everything linked to it. I just want to say that while it seems like I am not part of this thing I assure you that I very much am. I take care of all the editing and do my best to come up with good topics and so if you do not like either of those then send the hate mail to, or comment here, or add us on Facebook and rest well assured with the knowledge that I will take any and all thoughts into consideration. This Podcast is not about us, it is about you and everything that you want. So just to wrap up, I am here ( and will try to be so more consistently) and we are all very reachable and want to hear from you about anything and everything.

Rats, Frosty, Snick...


This is not a replacement for my own usual post but I felt it should be addressed. Sorry for any inconvenece this may have caused.



  1. Unfortunate :( Have to wait for the next one!

  2. Despite my protestations on Facebook, I'll never go back to iTunes. :(

    Boy is my face red. Anyway, waiting patiently.

  3. Soon going to listen to the Podcast :) need quiet space around me, which is hard to get during these busy days

  4. Sorry for the multiple entries, but I just wanted to call you "SnickelDicks" after hearing it spoken out loud.