Friday, November 19, 2010

Maybe thirteen will be lucky!

 Busy but Blogging
Well hello viewer, it has been a while has it not? Well please excuse my absence I have been quite busy as of late. You see just a few days ago the fruit of my loins has sprung into this realm with the power of a cannon. Since his soul was thrust into this world he has committed many days to sleeping and sucking on breasts, a life I very much envy. Welled over with emotion I have lacked the mental capacity to play anything other than DOOM and Amateur Surgeon and lacked any real topic of discussion for you fine gentlefolk. That was until Sony sent me an e-mail this morning detailing their plans for the PS Store update and I knew that finally I had come home.

So in reading the aforementioned e-mail I was surprised to see that Prince of Persia: Sands of Time HD was available for download from the PS store. I had a few seconds as I “what the fucked” because this was only supposed to be able to be found in the UK and only on disc. Once it hit me that yet again the gaming industry had lied to me I began to chuckle as I was happy that this game had been released to us American. Now I should mention that I do not like PoP but I was gladdened by this technological tomfoolery. I really hope that companies keep things such as this up, just like the how Twisted Metal was “not in development” and FO:New Vegas was “not as buggy” as the first one. Well maybe that last example does not work but my point is I have enjoyed being surprised by the games that have been announced or released because it is not something that happens anymore. Its nothing really all that interesting but it is something I really enjoy.

Call of Duty: Wal-mart OPs
So at my local Wal-mart they had a display of Cod:Black Ops setup, complete with a coma tarp above it and a PS3 controller that was only attached y the USB chord. As ghetto as this sounds it was nothing compared to the ghetto-ness of the game itself. In an effort to not offend grandparents and winy liberals they turned off “violence mode” and gave me a gun that no longer shot bullets but cast a seizure spell upon my enemies. I would aim my gun, press fire, and then my enemies would shake for a moment before falling to the ground. It was biological warfare at its greatest. The greatest moment had to be when I broke through some door with only a pistol, as it went into slow motion mode I noticed a man who was holding a “lady of the night” by the neck and shooting at me. I aimed my gun and fired a single bullet (the only one so far) which was followed by the camera about half way between me and my new enemy. The bullet then disappeared and a second later the man cocked his head back and sneezed himself to death with one visceral “kackchoo.” I am not sure if this is some sort of Wal-mart wizardry or if this “seizure summoner” mode is actually in the game, but I sure hope it is because this makes CoD a lot more hilarious.

Music Cop Out
Because I feel like it...
Well I sat here for a while trying to think of something else to discuss but I could think of nothing game related. Then I remembered that I have a PODCAST! Seeping from the blog-o-sphere came the podcast called BlogWave. My co-hosts have been plugging the shit out of this creation and I want to do the same, but sadly my blog is not nearly as popular. Either way, we are a couple of guys who decided to start sharing all the info we have gotten about blogging and ways to increase you viewer size as well as your wallet size. We help with all sorts of things with all sorts info for you blog and maybe your personal life. We also do a blog highlight and are requesting “blogger” guests. If you always wanted to be on a podcast, or you want your views to get a little bump then send an e-mail to with either the subject “guest star” if you would like to join us, or “blog highlight” if you want us to put your blog into the BlogHighlight section of the podcast. For anything else direct your e-mails to and leave a comment. I hope and pray that this last paragraph made any sense.


P.S. Follow these guys, they are the co-hosts, and then follow this place...


  1. I've been listening to the podcasts. Congratulations on the child!

  2. nah 13 has always been unlucky for me

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  4. Can we suggest someone else's blog for highlighting?

  5. @rorschach Why yes you can my fine sir!