Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Totally Not Fine Number Nine

 I'm am sitting here with about fifteen tabs open. I have cool edit pro editing that podcast that I was talking about making. Skype is beeping at me every three seconds. My stomach is growling explatives at me. I'm fighting a cold that I have had for days. And on top of all this I have played no games save for Cut the Rope on my damn iPod. So it seems that I have nothing really to talk about but little do you know that my sick delirium can produce words... and stuff...

System Speak
So since I have not really played a whole lot I figured I should talk about a favorite subject of mine. Playstation Plus, man this has been one roller coaster of a service. At first it sounded like an amazing prospect, pay a little bit and get a few games and shit in return. Well it did not turn out that way for a while, at least until now. Sony seemed to have come through with their last few updates, giving everyone the Assassins Creed Beta and games like Oddworld and Burn Zombie Burn, this all makes me very excited. Plus, even though its not only for Plus, we now have a Netflix program that actually works and seems to be more reliable than even my computer. People rag on Sony a lot and maybe its just the fan boy in me but I feel like they are there to please their customers rather than running for a cash grab. But I still want my cross game chat.

So in my Nyquil induced stupor I have stumbled upon an amazing podcast that is just in time for Halloween. It it called We're Alive and its a story about the zombie apocalypse done in the format of old radio shows in the vein of War of the Worlds, the great hoax radio show. I really can not get enough of this podcast partially because I love zombies but also because the story and everything is really well put together. The voice acting is astounding and all the background noise feels realistic and in place with the rest of the story. If you like zombies then this is not a podcast to pass up, the world feels very believable and fleshed out, partially because your mind will fill in the blank spots where you would normally see video instead. Get this podcast!

Totally Roasted
OK thats it, I really have nothing left to say. I am going to get back to my cocktail of herbal teas and aspirin. Hopefully this Cold and all all th work I am doing will slowly lift a bit and I can post more often because I feel like a jerk for leaving the three of you hanging. As always you can e-mail me at and you can find me all over the web as Snickelsox. Peace...



  1. Glad to hear Playstaion Plus is finally paying off, I heard it sucked for quite a while. And that We're Alive podcast sounds like a lot of fun, I'm definitely going to have to check it out.

  2. I might look into getting playstation plus if its starting to be good.