Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time Eighter!

Time is most certainly not on my side.
So as much as I wish I had the time and the energy to give you all the news and rants on video games that you all deserve I simply cannot. I feel as though every day I get older and older as the world gets younger and hipper. Case in point is that I hate almost all modern music and all those kids need to pick up their damn pants! Anyway since I feel really old I guess I should act it and live up to my lies. I have not been able to give you as much updates as I promised but I am am working on it so cut me some slack, I mean I am about to have a baby jeez!

Tears on My PSP.
So I have finally “beaten” Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and by beaten I mean I destroyed all the main bosses and got the secret ending but not the super mega secret ending and I have not beaten all the side bosses. I am not sure if I even want to go through the effort of killing all the mega bosses because FUCK the unbalanced bosses in this game. When I hit you, you recoil you cunt slapping nut jockey! I hate all the bull shit cheesing and overall cheapness of the later bosses in this game. Especially the secret final boss who can rest his chin on my balls for all I care, he has a combo that is UN-blockable, UN-stoppable, and is usually one use K.O. Which almost made me break my PSP into bite size chunks. This game has a way of making you feel like a god and then bitch slapping you until you want to cry for your mother. Plus once you beat it, you have not, and once you are sure its all done, you are wrong. It is only when you get to the point that you think “ There is no way that they want me to do all that” that you are truly understanding what the designers want you to do to actually BEAT this game. Square Enix you are a bunch of bastards but man do I love an unattainable one hundred percentage mark.

More Gamer Music
I really enjoy this game and the music is really amazing. Have you self a listen and then scroll down to discover that you can have all the music from the game completely free.

Did This Need A Title?
Anyway sorry for the lack of posts, the utter lack of length, and for pretty much failing you all. Hopefully I will be back soon if I have not committed suicide for disgracing my family. As always you can find me as Snickelsox wherever Internets are sold and you can drop me an e-mail to if you just need someone who will listen...



  1. Ah... I see S-E is once again pissing off their customers by making them into OCDs if they want to unlock everything.

  2. God I miss CC. I don't remember the music being that bassy though! Always thought it was a bit more 8 bit