Saturday, October 16, 2010

Unlucky number seven

Old and Unimproved
While listening to my usual plethora of podcast I was struck by a quote that somebody somewhere said. “Write like no one cares.” I have thought at length about this saying and I think it may change the way I write this blog. But then again I know you all are hanging on my every last word as if it were a Phoenix Down right? In all seriousness though I really like this saying and it really seems to ring true in the blogger world, and in fact every sort of text ever written. I realize that not a whole lot of people care about what happens Sephiroths shirt at the end of FFVII and so I have done my best to just do an overall sweep of the games I like, or hate for that matter. Anyway I just thought that was an interesting quote and one that I should share.

Rumors of War
So rumors have been floating around about Gears of War coming to the PS3. If you are reading this and they have been confirmed or officially denied then just skip this paragraph. However if they have not then all I have to say about this is, do NOT want. I already have enough “ hardcore” games on the PS3 and enough “hardcore” people, do not bring anymore over here. I do not care if Gears is an Xbox exclusive, in fact I want it to be kept that way, those games are terrible and need to stay with the terrible system. Please Sony do not even attempt to get those dick hungry roid filled cock mongrels on a Blu-Ray. The collective nerd of gamers is already getting “bro'd” up with this shit over on the other console, no one wants that on the PS3, our community is annoying enough as it is! You already have Mass Effect 2 coming over here, why the fuck would you need yet another port, especially of this one?! Fuck you Microsoft, keep your stanky ass game in the corner where it belongs. Here is a picture of Gears in a nutshell.

See that tiny gear labeled "truly amazing experience", me neither.

I'm Just A Love Machine
So I was watching some obscure Japanese video online a while back where they were talking about making Love Plus (or something like it) on the 3DS, for those of you who do not know what that game is let me explain. It is a game where virtual girls give lonely guys attention and make them feel loved and wanted. It is the closest you can get to a loving cyborg sex slave at the moment. It is a pretty neat concept and is currently only big on the DS but with the recent trend of augmented reality and motion control I wonder how far this will go? What I mean is what is the next step between the 3DS and the consoles and their new level of control. We all know the PS Move looks very dildo like, when will these dating simulators evolve to the point that I can control an on screen vibrator. Let us bring the Kinect into the scene, you do not even need a controller and I am sure they could figure out the humping motion. By now you have probably grasped my point, but in case you have not here is it” When will the dating sims evolve to the point where I can have virtual sex with anime girls?” I can see the Jerry Springer shows now “ He left me for his Xbox!” As much as I want to make fun of this I also think this would be a true revolution in the way people look at video games, be it for better or worse.

Podcast Rally
As stated before I listen to an insane amount of podcast through out the week, some good some bad. Anyway I want to make it a habit to suggest a podcast for my loyal fan base. This weeks suggestion it called The Grandmas Virginity Podcast. The production value and hard work these guys, and gals, put into this podcast really is quite impressive. At first they may seem a little brash and quite lowbrow but the more you listen to them the more they grow on you. They take their podcast pretty seriously even if they are not quite as consistent with their recordings as they should be. They also are heavily linked into the TV and movie industry and you might even get some hot and juicy “scoops” from time to time. While sometimes they can make some pretty lame jokes and the host inability to hide his "chan" anonymity can grind against my soul, they do really good work and try to make their podcast as high quality as possible. Anyway they are worth a listen so go do... that...

Stifling My Artistic Spirit
I guess I should wrap things to a close because people bitch about things being too long. It sucks because I have a lot more to talk about but hey, what can you do. I have been kicking around the idea of starting my own podcast, it would probably be about bogging and the Internet as a whole, with just a little game here and there.It would not be just me of course but a whole plethora of bloggers who can give you shitty advice. Would you listen, would you give me 4 stars on iTunes, would you promise not to find me and beat my jeans off? I hope that anything I do you would all tell me what you like or dislike so that I can make it better, including this blog. So leave me a message or send me and e-mail to and let me know that my toe nails are too long or something. And you can find me pretty much everywhere else, Twitter, PSN, and the like always as Snickelsox. Have a great weekend and remember that the government is a bunch liars and just want your moneys...


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  2. heheh i'll check ghe grandmas virginity podcast, lowbrow is right up my alley