Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Numero Sixo

Life is Beautiful
I have noticed that the older I get the less time I have for video games. Plus the more time I spend on this the less time I have for video games. Hell even the time I spend pooping has gradually gotten longer and I cannot bring a TV in there. And do not even get me started on this whole “working” thing that I have to do. All because I my family and I have to eat, and thats another thing that I spend to much time doing is eating. I do not know how as a child I was able to juggle school, family, and games and still spend most of that gaming but I did. I need my brain to just be put into a jar wired up to some console because I no longer have 70 plus hours to sink into a Final Fantasy anymore. But I decided to try anyway.

I do not get the complaints about the long tunnel syndrome associated with this game. I have played many Final Fantasies in my day and if anyone remember s number ten then they should feel right at home. I feel like the only reason people have been complaining about running in a straight line with XIII is because they give you the illusion of freedom by giving you control over the camera. I see no difference in the way this game makes you progress forward as compared to FFX or even God of War. In both of those games there is little or no backtracking or exploration but you do not notice because they make it very clear that you are going to travel on their standards by locking the camera in one position. Their freedom deception also translated into the battle scene, where it looks like you could run around like an actions RPG but no. The game is actually uses an Active Time Battle system that we have already seen in a few other FFs. The hate on this game may be well founded but if you take a step back and look at what the game really is and not what it is trying to trick you into thinking it is then you will have a much better time with it. On a last note though, what is that red headed girls nationality. At first she sounds normal and then all sudden she is British until she changes into a hick. Who raised this girl to talk like this!?

The Children!
I have posted these links once before but with this event coming up in less than a week I figured it would be a good time to do it again. This is all for a charity called “extra life” and is a great cause. If you are reading this blog then chances are you have already heard about it but for those of you living under a rock I should probably tell you what is going on. All sorts of people in the gaming industry and normal gamers alike join together and play games for twenty four hours straight and get people to donate money to them. ALL this money goes to the Children's Miracle Network and it helps little children who are to sick to breath to get better and start donating their lives to making amazing games. Donate to this cause because you never know who the next David Jaffe will be and because its what good people do. If you cannot donate then just go on Google and look up any place that is participating and most will let you sign up to play alongside the “main players” in this charity and that will help them stay awake which still helps those sick children.

Music Monday Wednesday
I like me some good electronic music and you should too.

And in Conclusion

Well thats it for today folks, not my most inspired work but hey I am still working this all out. Poll is still going on over to the right about who is the cooler Scott. I am trying to get a hold on what makes an appealing looking blog and have gotten a little feedback but I could always use some more. So leave me a comment, Send me an e-mail, or call my mother and tell her she failed as a parent, whatever it takes. I should mention that I like the white text on black background and it actually hurts my eyes less than the white on black design. Anyway you can reach me almost anywhere as Snickelsox and my e-mail is I am on the PS3 a lot and am in several betas so if you need a PS3 friend to play with send me a request, but were are just friends dude.



  1. yeah, I totally don't have time for videogames... I can just sit and appreciate now

  2. The "Extra Life" things sounds really great. I'm gonna try and sign up.

  3. I actually like black text on a white background much more. But people are different.

  4. I did play some games this morning though :)

  5. if i had more time, i'd check these games out

  6. Not a huge fan of Scott Pilgrim. Blame Michael Cera.

  7. I used to think I would always enjoy playing vidya games and know all about the latest things, but recently, I know less and less about it. Hell I just found out yesterday that Reach has been released for some time now.