Monday, October 11, 2010

Fifth time is the charm

Because green!
So it seems as though my format of posting once a week does not please the masses, they wish for a more blogger-style blog. I personally kinda liked my old format because it broke away from the huge glut of four sentence blogs, but as my baby I would love my format even if it was retarded. So from here on I am going to attempt to do it differently and try to post a few times a week. Length may still be an issue for some people as I really really hate short ass blogs. I want to make my site into the best it can be though so that means change is inevitable. So leave a comment, send me a message, call my house and leave angry voice mails, whatever it takes just let me know what I could do to make it better. Also the color scheme will change since people seem to really hate it or maybe it will not because its my”artistic vision” or some shit like that.

Who is THE Scott?
I beat the Scott Pilgrim game and I just about broke my controller doing it. It seems that after the fifth reset the system gains sentience and begins to taunts you. The fan kicks on tricking you into thinking the system is just trying to cool itself off but its actually calling out to you. “wzzzzz you suck at this game wzzzzzz” Screw you PS3 my mother is a kind and decent lady! With all arguments with inanimate objects aside the game really shines when it is working. It also reminds you at every chance it gets that you suck at video games and that if it were not for the “food system” you would be a strange smelling puddle on the sidewalk. The final boss will take most of your lives and one of his forms has several invisible fists attached to his visible one so that when he punches you are going to get his. Do not lose that love sword, if you do just restart the level. After the credits ran I began thinking about what a bad ass Scott was and then suddenly I though of Heavy Rain and Scott Shelby which leads me to my favorite poll so far *drum roll* Which Scott is more of a bad ass? Poll is there>>>
8-bit against a gagillion pixels

Because bitching is in these days.
So a lot of people seem to be upset about the DmC pallet swap. An d I say, who give a flying rats ass about such a dumb subject!? People think that now he looks dumb? At the risk of busting your bubble kiddo, he was never cool. I never once wanted to play Devil May Cry before this because he looked like a terrible stripper at some creepy gay bar. Bleached white hair, tube top, demon slapping dick, pouty lips... you people thought that was cool? The new Dante is not cool either so do not pin me in that category either. I honestly could care less about some dude with a sword who thinks he can kill demons with it. You know what would really be a reboot of the series, get rid of the angel and demon bull shit and give me an enemy that mankind has not been writing stories about for centuries. Or make it Pony Island Express Adventure May Cry Extreme... I might play that actually.
Wanna be my friends?
Last but certainly not least Sony has finally come around and given me the Dead Space 2 beta and I was excited. EA however has not been so nice and has declared my are “dead space” by simply making it too hard to connect to anyone that I do not have on my friends list. So send me a friend request, you can find me on every system and pretty much everywhere online as Snickelsox and my e-mail is so just drop me a message any old where and let me know what you like or dislike. Thank you all for the encouragement and the constructive criticism and I will try to be back in a few days with another rant about something thats pissing me off in the gaming world.


P.S. Duke Nukem could kick Dante's faggot ass any day of the week.