Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Cookie gods are wrathful and tasty!

So as you may well know I am not the master of consistancy that my employers believe me to be. Case in point I have not put out a post in what the old ones consider a fortnight. It seems as though Christmas time is sucking away every last minuite of my life, I have to work twelve hour days and then come home to take care of my baby all while trying to get some gifts for my wife. But in the midst of all this a family tradidtion took place. Every year the tall and the samll with gather round and make cookies that add a few pounds. It is called "cookie day" and its a national event. Family mambers will take our three hundered plus cookie cutters and then cut out what they want, then they sit down for a while and decorate them with the billions of sprinkles available. This all sounds kinda lame but fourty something people showed up and man was it a blast.

Being that my wife is super creative she begain decorating cookies like a beast created for the sole purpose of decorating. I was then forced to step up my game and do some pretty cool cookies myself. Why dont you take a look.

This is my brothers FAIL pan  of cookies, look at these wimpy designs!
You see that handsome hunk of meat right there. Now that fucker knows how to design some cookies.
Here is a tray that I finished, see the awesome? Well I do so shut your whore mouth!

Amazing Charmander cookie did not give any fucks any day.
This is that rabbit from Donnie Darko..
This is the cookie that I made! Not that good though...

This is another pan that I made, let us take a closer look.
This cookie is amazingly decorated, better than your own Christmas tree I bet!
But this one cured cancer and then went back in time to free the slaves with the sheer power of excellence!
Maybe having a mouth full of crabs is not such a bad thing!
Only Oldfags can Tri-force a shit-pissing-COOKIE!
So with all that cookie madness I have not been able to play many games recently. With the exception of "MiniGore" available on the iPhone. This game was a Freeappaday.com special and so I got it for free but had I known about the sheer gory goodness that is MiniGore I would have bought it straight out. It only has two levels (more to come hopefully) and the game play is basically the same in both, twin stick shooter with little black rabbits of death. You also level up your guns and super power every game by collecting more of the same item, an example is leveling the shotgun from "Boomstick" the the "Intestinal Re-organizer" by collecting 8 shotguns. It has no deep story to speak of and the characters are mostly the same, with the exception of one liners. More characters can be unlocked by getting more kills which go into a grand total after every round, or more can be attained by paying .99 cents, something you should do! Those things aside I really enjoy this game for one reason, one of the unlockable characters is a bear, who is always wielding a shotgun... what more can you ask from your iPhone!?

Well that wraps it up for my blog today. Because of the Christmas season do not expect many posts or even one post until it is all said and done. If you want some more Snickelsox then leave a comment or listen to the amazing BlogWave Podcast that my fellow Bloggers and I have whipped up. It is pretty amazing and we would love to get some more reviews on it, you could even be in our blog highlight and get like 2 more views if you send an e-mail to BlogWavePodcast@gmail.com with anything in the subject line. Remember to follow my Co-Hosts Frosty and Rats. So from all of me here at AverageJoeGaming, have a happy and sexy Christmas!



  1. My whore mouth is about to eat those triforce cookies.

  2. the only thing better than triforce are ones you can eat!

  3. I hope they tasted as good as they look.

  4. Om nom nom. Those cookies look delicious. So jealous...

  5. That Frank the Bunny cookie is terrifying.

  6. holy shit dude, u have been blessed by the cookie gods!

  7. Whoever is eating that must be luckiest person on earth.