Sunday, September 19, 2010

This could be a test and only a test.

What is with all the Duke Nukem hate that is floating around these days. It seems that everywhere you turn its “ Hey Duke... FUCK YOU.” I for one just do not get it. Duke 3D and minesweeper were the only games of interest on my old PC and I logged more hours that I can remember into just the single player. I even bought the 360 version and if that machine gave me any reason to turn it on I might play more there, but even a few weeks ago I installed to my laptop and played nothing else. Maybe nostalgia is what is selling me on DNF but I like to think its because I remember what a bad ass game DN3D was that I expect all the lives over at 3Drealms will have not been wasted in vain. In the end I will always bet on Duke and you should too.

This is my first blog and while pointing that out make me seem very unprofessional I feel it is needed to explain what I am going after. I'm an average Jo gamer, maybe I'm a hardcore gamer, maybe I'm not, I do stay away from the Halos but I guess it all depends on you definition so I will let you decide. My plan is to make this blog a place focused on community, news I think is noteworthy, and the downtrodden. Kinda like a gaming superhero but my pecks aren't impressive. What I mean by all that is if a game is getting flack for no reason, such as Duke, or say something you made ,like a LBP level, is not getting the attention it deserves then I will step in with my mighty keyboard and do something about it, or blog about it as it were. Remember that this is going to be a ever changing and ever evolving place so if you have an idea let me know, I am definitely open to suggestions.

That being said this is not the place to come for breaking news. I am not IGN or Kotaku, I am just a guy talking about the games that interest me and might interest you. Such as Final Fantasy Dissida 2, which hopefully will be a more balanced game and feature more characters. I for one would love to see anyone else from the FF7 universe besides the sexually confused Cloud and Sephiroth. A cool possibility would be Barret, then they could pull a Smash Bros an make Dyne as well without much trouble. And maybe some class from FF Tactics, or better yet all the classes rolled into a make your own character that could develop into whatever playing style met your style. That is probably too ambitious of an idea but it would make a much better game. Are you reading this unknown blog Square Enix? Probably not...

Next on my invisible agenda is COD:Black Ops the game that people are crapping themselves over everywhere I turn. OK yeah its COD, and yeah Treyarch is making it, and yeah it looks fun but damn it can we stop caring yet? I played both games and sunk many hours into the multi-player, in fact that was the ONLY reason I bought COD4. But at this point though I am more excited about Pokemon Black and White than this game though. Let me tell you exactly how the game is going to play out, your going to press L2 or LT and then R2 or RT respectively for four to seven hours and maybe you will get on rails and shoot things from the sky. This time you might be an astronaut again but with a giant lazer beam... that actually sounds cool, but my main point remains its a bunch of aim, shoot, rinse, repeat. This formula will go on and on until you break it up by stabbing a guy. Do not misunderstand me though I will play this game and I will probably enjoy it, until I hit multi-player and am called a racist faggot Jew by some squeaky twelve year old. As hipster as it sounds, I stopped playing COD because it was cool... before it was cool.

Last on my list of things pulled out of my ass is Little Big Planet 2 having PS Move support, holy butts I am excited about this. If you have spent any time working with the LBP creation tools you have probably realized that the interface is not exactly what it should be. I have actually fantasized about using a mouse and keyboard but this seems like its gonna be amazing. Here is hoping that there is a paint tool, if so the level of detail and amazingness in each level should greatly improve... or the dicks will become more detailed but either way is gonna be awesome.

Following a formula that I'm still making up now is about time for me to talk about some cool things that are happening on the web and whatnot. Starting with the game that subway is running right now. You can head over to to enter. Its real easy and even though you not supposed to you can use as many e-mail accounts as you want. Just Google something like “subway codes” and you should find a huge list of usable codes that can be used by each account once. You will not win anything the first day but so far I have two codes to Hellboy and one to Loco Roco 2. I should mention that this is only for Playstation stuff and that its only in the U.S. But if you just crazy enough and over the pond you could probably pull off having a friend mail it to you if you win something other than a code. Just keep at it and enter a few a day and you should get something, hurry quick though before they get wise!

Lastly, I hope, I have been playing a lot of Borderlands and Kingdom Hearts:BBS recently. I understand now why everyone was raving about Borderlands, you can get very lost in that place. I am not very far in and I still find myself just exploring and shooting things. If you want bang for your buck then buy this game now since its sorta on the cheap. As for KH:BBS its a kingdom hearts game and if you like that stuff, which I do very much, then you will enjoy it. I am still not through it yet bet I can tell you that Terra's campaign gets pretty easy to guess early on but its not just about him, and I suggest you play as all three characters as they play very different and provide a lot of hours of enjoyment. Play the game on hard though because it makes all the battles just that more rewarding.

I hope that you enjoyed all that I had to say, or that you at least sat it through to the end. If you enjoyed, hated, need to criticize, or just want to send an e-mail you can contact me at Make sure to check out this page often as I plan on making this a regular thing. Also I am thinking of having a segment where I promote your LBP levels, or really anything you create so just send me some info on anything and I will make sure to put it in. Thanks for reading and see you soon.


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