Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not all good things come in pairs.

Halo: Reach, another game with a hefty dose of DO NOT WANT attached to it but that I am still going to play anyway. My feelings over Halo in its entirety are very conflicted, on the one hand I have a FPS in space and on the other hand I have 12 year old Xbox live subscribers. I love the rush that comes from getting that flag and hoping that a warthog is waiting for me once I get out of the base but to be called a faggot about it really hurts my sensitive feelings. I hear tell though that you can start muting enough people now and make some setting changes to where I will only get in matches where the people are polite and give you high fives, I do not know about you but a virtual high five sounds great! Sounds like the campaign is a lot of fun too and in reality that is all I will really play since I cant bring myself to get a Live subscription. All in all this game leaves me feeling blasé and the next Halo better include time travel because that would be amazing. In the end, it Halo so I don't know if want.

You know what I think if a fan-fucking-tastic idea, Pokemon MMO. Its already been talked about a lot in the Pokemon community but I want to put in my two sense worth. Imagine a huge world filled with people from all over the world trying to best magical creatures, except this time its not WoW it is Pokemon. All the fans are there and it could even be rated E-10 or less so everyone could play and Nintendo could suck more money out of you. Honestly as much as I love this idea, it will probably never happen which makes it a less exciting topic to write about that I thought it would be. Whatever ideas you could come up with would be so much more amazing that the product would actually be... So send those ideas into and lets see what you can come up with.

Many gamers out there actually took the time to sit down and play ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, but I did not. I do not even have a good excuse for not playing them except that I was out of money, and as gamers we all know that is no excuse. Either way I am excited that I held off on playing these games for so long because now I can play them and get trophies, my excitement is too much for even bold to describe but its the best I can do. I have with a purpose tried to stay away from all story points and anyone talking about these games so that I could fully enjoy them when I finally got around to it. I remember a few years ago reading PSM, now OPM, and it saying that SotC was amazing but would have been more amazing on the PS3 and that time is now. Now if they would just get around to making The Last Guardian. Which brings up another quick point, the main character is a boy, so what, I though he was from the beginning. If no one had told you any different would you have been so upset? Developers use the gender thing as a way to get more sales. Want proof? Imagine the Tomb Raider series with a man instead... and on that note I think I'm going to vomit.

I want the Playstation move, I want it very badly. I have not idea why I want this thing, I will probably never play it but a few days ago I had to choose between it and shoes that do not have holes in them, my wife made that decision for me. I no longer have cold feet but I feel like I gave up some of my soul that day, trading fun for comfort. I remember a time when I decided not to eat for a day or so just to play COD4, but those days have passed. A forgotten time of a bygone era of fun and enchantment. Which brings me around to the PS Move again and my thoughts on it. I am sure everyone remembers the Wii and all the promises it made to us all and like suckers we believed them and now my Wii sits there doing what it does best, collects dust. I am almost certain that again I will be disappointed but maybe, just maybe it will not disappoint me. For the same reasons I waned the Wii to succeed I want the PS move to work. Its not so much what is already out on the market, I can not stomp on Eye Pet and so the only thing that allures me to this device is ethereal ideas about things that do not exist yet such as a Demon's Souls remake, patch, sequel, or anything really. I want to play this game Kings Quest style. That is to say I want Demon's Souls in FPS format. Even if I have to buy two Move controllers I will.

So Playstation Plus, the butt of every joke involving the PS network these days. I want this to be cool, I really do but Playstation get off your fat asses and make it cool. As a member why did I have to pay for Castle Crashers. Trust me as much as you want to sell this... thing to your newcomers it is not happening. The only people who want PSPlus are your hardcore fans and we already have all this crap. Granted I was paid back in full by the third month but not by the things I really wanted. Wipeout HD is like a data paperweight in my system, it looks cool but I do not want to play that thing. I want The Guardian of Light for free when it comes out, not an advanced demo! I do not expect every new game that comes out to be free but if you want people to jump on this bandwagon then give people a reason to. The discounts are a good start and the minis are so-so but I want some full fledged games that are not three years old. Give me a hot new release every few months and you can bet people will be on this thing the next day. I am angry Sony, but I love you and I will wait for you. Oh and please give me cross game chat and fix the auto download because that shit does not work at all.

Quick quip: I am trying to do these every week and so this week I though I would talk about the Enslaved demo but I thougth the interaction between my wife and I could explain it, so here is a comic I made all by myself in paint durp durp.

This is pretty much how that conversation actually went.

Well folks that is a wrap for this blog, thanks for sticking with it if you did and if you did not well that is OK too. Remember to please send you questions, concerns, or hate mail to and I will do my best to accommodate for them. Remember too that this is an evolving process and I am just a normal guy trying to get the things out that I feel important. Also this is a test and training of my writing skill, so maybe after one hundred of these things it will be worth a damn, my point in that is to tell you to please be a grammar Nazi and tell me all my errors and let me know what I could do better.


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  1. that was interesting... can't wait to see what you post tomorrow

  2. I LOVE HALO. maybe its cuz i own at it

  3. I like this blog. I'll check back tomorrow for a new update :)

  4. lol, did you make that picture yourself? that's awesome!

  5. cute comic/story. Halo is way tiresome by this point. At least they threw in something new like flying around, but it seems too little too late.

    That being said it'll print money forever.

  6. I wish I had a 360 to play Reach, I used to be so good at Halo. The reason you give for not liking it is silly, get a good group of friends that play a lot and you won't have to worry about the bad seeds ruining your fun.

    Great post and good luck.

  7. I wish they had this on the Playstation!
    Mesty =)

  8. I played the Enslaved demo too and it does not have ps2 graphics, the part where you have to climb up the wing before it crashes into the building.....epic

  9. I appreciate you visiting my blog and providing input on my most recent post.

  10. Very refreshing post! Please post more gaming reviews.

  11. Man, i want to try halo reach.
    wish i had a 360 haha.