Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hate to do this...

I see a lot of blogs who kinda just copy and paste pictures they find and it is very lame in my opinion. However I have been playing Red Dead: Redemption non-stop for several days now an so the following pictures just made me laugh. I may still wright a review for this game but this pretty much sums up the game so it may never happen. Anyway enjoy the blog post and be sure to check out the links over there.>>>>

So yeah I would like to remind you to check out Blogwave and stay tuned as we will be updating soon. Also be sure to check my other pages as well. I have spent quite alot of time making them nice and nifty so let me know what you think!



  1. I never owned Red Dead but I loved playing it. The SHOOT OWN HORSE one is so true xD

    And Snix, some of these have been uploaded twice babykins <3

  2. xDD nice and funny picture :P more plz xDD

    nice blog folow you :D

  3. lololol. I laughed buckets.

    Also, "accusation against your sexuality".